2019 By the Numbers

I woke up this morning and could feel it—something is different. It took a few extra weeks, but I think the new energy of a new year finally arrived. Bring it on! 

Before I officially say goodbye to 2019 (don’t let the door hit you in the behind!), it seems only fair to give a shout-out to last year’s facts and figures—and to those of you who made it all possible in the first place. I’m looking at you, clients and partners! 

Let’s have a look at the official 2019 “annual report”

– Years in business: 15

– Annual Revenue compared to 2018: Up 15% 

– Did good work with…

  • Good People with Good Intentions: 11 for-profit companies
  • Good Causes: 12 nonprofit organizations (and the people weren’t too shabby either!)

– Conferences attended: 1

– Articles written: 7

  • Articles I enjoyed writing: 4

– Newsletters sent: 1 (finally!!)

– Miles walked on my treadmill desk: I should track that

– Cups of coffee: I can’t count that high

What’s my plan for 2020?

– Write more—one article per month. I’ve been surprised to find that I enjoy it, at least when I have the time and space to allow the inspiration to come through.

– Take a few days off—without the laptop—to actually disconnect and recharge. This will be a work in progress!

– Nurture my body and spirit, and find more joy, gratitude, creativity, and energy.

– To kick some 2020 booty, and dive into 2021 head first. It’ll be here before we know it!

What’s your plan for 2020?

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