Our Fearless Leader

Amy Weiher

amy-weiherAmy fell in love with graphic design at the tender age of five, when she won a local competition to design a fire-safety poster for the Town Center Mall in Sunnyvale, CA (people raved about her Donald Duck drawing). While it wasn’t only this moment that fanned the flame (pun intended), she credits the opportunity for instilling the excitement and creativity that still holds true in the present.

As Amy began pursuing an undergraduate degree in accounting, she couldn’t ignore her inclination to communicate through images rather than numbers. In 1996, she received a BA in Studio Art from the University of Notre Dame, and two years later, a BFA in graphic design from the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. After several years spent working in advertising and graphic design firms on the east coast, Amy founded Weiher Creative in San Jose, California. Today, she shares her passion for design and marketing expertise with clients throughout the Bay Area and the nation.

In her spare time, Amy loves to read, travel, play board games, and run. She’s an avid hockey player (and Sharks fan!), showing off her goalie skills several nights a week for local adult rec teams in the Bay Area. And yes, she still has all of her teeth.