Good Enough is Good For Now

Overload. If you’d told me a few weeks ago when we started sheltering in place that I would be feeling overloaded with stuff to do, I’d have said you were nuts. Everybody is at home! There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do! My kid can teach himself! I’ll be bored! Uh, not so fast.

Based on what I’m seeing on my social media feeds, I should be cleaning out closets, learning new skills, doing crafts, catching up on Netflix, reading all of the books on my list, homeschooling my son, catching up on the phone with long-lost friends, and spending lots of quality time with the family. Based on my inbox, I should be attending virtual conferences, webinars, and meetups, creating all kinds of new and interesting digital content, and finding new ways to reinvent myself and my business for whatever comes next. Every other email is full of articles to read, resources to review, and links to click.

I’m feeling constantly bombarded with information. A lot of it is really good, helpful stuff—but there’s just TOO MUCH of it. I can’t keep up, and it’s taken me a few weeks to figure out that I don’t need to. The end of quarantine isn’t some magical finish line at which I need to be some shiny new version of myself that has an empty to-do list and can speak Italian while knitting a sweater.

In reality, I’m still working a full day every day (and sometimes on weekends), and Weiher Creative is chugging along just fine—no reinvention needed here. I don’t need to be a full-time Kindergarten teacher, and the messy coat closet and unread books aren’t going anywhere. The books and webinars and lists of resources will still be there whenever I’m ready. I’m letting go of the expectation that I need to make the “most” of this time, whatever that means. Good enough is good enough for now.

Are you feeling overloaded? How can I help?