Let’s have some birthday cake and share it, too!

It’s my birthday today, and instead of feeling older, I’m choosing to feel generous. 

This past year, I’ve really been trying to “walk my talk” a little more, especially when it comes to some of the smaller, day-to-day household purchases I make. While I typically prefer to “give big” to feel like I’m making a difference, I’m realizing more and more that even little things here and there can really add up to big changes over time.

We stopped buying cheap, name-brand coffee in a plastic tub and started buying sustainably sourced, organic coffee grounds from local coffee companies in Washington. My husband and I drink a LOT of coffee, so the switch has given us the opportunity to support smaller minority- and women-owned businesses and explore some new options.  

Who gives a crap? I do! I’m not sure how I stumbled across this amazing company, but I’m so glad I did. I started purchasing their toilet paper earlier this year (recycled from discarded office paper), and I love everything about them, from the brightly-wrapped rolls to their irreverent and funny messaging. They donate 50% of their profits to ensure that people all over the globe have access to clean water and toilets, and I’m happy to be a small part of that…especially for a product that I’m going to need to use every day anyways.

We recycle a lot at our house. I always feel like I can be doing a bit better with that, or am trashing things that could otherwise be used somewhere, but it feels like a lot of effort to research and do it properly. Ridwell started servicing my neighborhood a few months ago, and I’m loving it. They give me a pretty metal bin and drawstring bags so I can easily collect things like batteries, lightbulbs, clothing, and plastic film (which I didn’t know isn’t recyclable in my can!). Then they come and pick it up every two weeks, and I don’t have to find time to go to the recycling center. Even better, every pickup features a special donation category that supports a local nonprofit. In November, I was able to donate a ton of extra Halloween candy to Birthday Dreams, an organization that hosts birthday parties for homeless kids, and I never would have known about them otherwise.

An organization that I’ve fallen in love with this year is Alice’s Kids. They also believe that a little help goes a long way. Via a national network of teachers, counselors, social workers and homeless shelter staff, they make small donations to kids in need (K-12) in the hopes of boosting their self-esteem. The donations are small—a new backpack, a prom dress, a trumpet, a sewing machine—but make a mighty impact in the recipients’ lives.

Now for the birthday surprise!

For my birthday, I’m going to make a donation to support the great work Alice’s Kids is doing. Want to join me? Just send me an email (you don’t even have to say anything in your email!) and I’ll add in $5 for you, too. Let’s help some kids thrive in 2022 and make a difference together!