Public Health Institute

Climate Change Guide, Data Briefs + Posters

Part of the mission of the Public Health Institute is to educate the public and policy makers about the impacts of climate change on public health. To give their message a dose of visual impact, we partnered with them to design a set of fact sheets that would create a curriculum for physicians, along with a suite of data briefs for California’s various state assembly districts, which gave policy makers an introduction to the major impacts of climate health, how those impacts are exacerbated by existing social and health inequalities in their districts, and how climate solutions could help.

Project Scope

Graphic Design
Print Management

We also worked with PHI to design a series of posters for the public, highlighting how climate change can affect their health in specific ways. Hung in doctor’s offices and health clinics, these posters needed to be eye-catching, bright and friendly, but still convey the serious subject matter in an easily digestible format.