It’s Summer…Gimme a Break!

Are you stuck at your desk in your home office, looking longingly out at the summer sunshine, or dreaming of taking a break? Most of us are, but duty calls…there are always tasks that need doing. The question is, are you doing what you HAVE to do, or what YOU have to do? There’s a difference.

Summer has FINALLY arrived in Seattle. It’s been such a rainy (and dreary) year here that I’ve been desperate to feel warm sunshine on my face. Now that it’s here, I’m all about handing off the things that I personally don’t need to do in favor of lightening my load a bit.

Bookkeeping? Bye bye!
Web Coding? Not me!
Proofreading? Poof!
Research? See ya!
Copywriting? Ciao!

Does that mean that none of those things are getting done? Not at all! My business wouldn’t run without getting those items completed, but they don’t HAVE to be done by me—I have trusted resources that I know will do a great job. And that doesn’t mean I’m not involved in any of those tasks (which I am), but it does mean that while the bulk of the heavy lifting is being done elsewhere, I can spend my time focusing on the work I do best (and enjoy most)—design. And maybe even use that time that I’m not spending at my desk by actually going outside and getting some sun.

What sorts of marketing tasks are on your plate that HAVE to be done, but not necessarily by YOU? A good copywriter can write up that fundraising letter for you while you coordinate the mailing. A good designer can create that conference invitation while you work on the event planning. A good web programmer can update the website while you work on more pressing matters. Better yet, a firm with all of those components could take your list and just get it done. Your project list will be completed in no time while you focus on the do-to items that are important to you and/or require your specific attention. Or maybe you can take some time off (even if it’s just a stay-cation for now)!    

What is a task that you’d love to stop doing? I’ve got lots of resources and am happy to share!

PS. Bonus points if you’ve had Nell Carter singing in your head since you read the headline!