Good Question: What Day Is It?

I got married 7-ish years ago, and we went on a 3-week European honeymoon: one week in Barcelona, a 12-day cruise, and 2 days in Venice. It was heaven. Aside from the fabulous sights (and the food! So much food!), my favorite thing about the trip? Having no idea what day it was—and not needing to. I didn’t know if it was Monday, or Thursday, or the weekend…all I knew was that it was Day X, and we were going to see something amazing. It was so freeing, and one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself.

These days, I’m also having some trouble knowing what day it is, but for a completely different reason: the pandemic. On a typical morning, the alarm wakes me up, so at least I know it’s a weekday. Head downstairs, my son and husband are home, so it must be uuuuuuuh-day. Grab coffee and head into the office, and things begin to fall into place. The office is really the only place I feel centered right now—even if I’m not always sure of the day, I know what needs to be done and am confident that I am at least on track there. But the rest of my life…I’ve become the weird neighbor lady who pulls the garbage cans out to the street several times a week, only to look around, see that I’m the only one, and drag them back in the garage. This time the not-knowing isn’t so freeing.

School starts in two weeks; virtual for the time being. While I’m not necessarily excited about sharing my office full-time and needing to help facilitate the school day, the part of me that likes organization and structure is looking forward to it. The list-maker in me will be in heaven, and I’m hoping it’ll bring the days of the week a bit more clearly into focus for me.

In the meantime, I’m going to give myself a little grace and keep a calendar handy. I have a feeling I’m not the only one who’s a little foggy right now.

Are you looking for more structure in your schedule?

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